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Translated by : MOS English Team — Ronald Yan

From Apr 27th to May 4th, excluding Communist China, the world reported more than 3.69 million new cases of the CCP virus, representing a 17.8% decline from 4.49 million new cases last week. In addition,15,996 new deaths were recorded this week,15.6% down from 18,959 deaths last week. There was a significant decrease in the number of global new cases and new deaths this week.

As of May 4th, excluding Communist China, the world received a total of 8.42 billion doses of CCP virus vaccine, representing an increase of 0.477% from the data reported on Apr 27th. The global vaccination against the CCP virus has remained stable, with the average growth rate below 1% for 9 weeks in a row.

In the latest scientific report published in Nature on Apr 28th, having analyzed the volume of cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome, EMS calls in the Israeli 16-39-year-old population, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that both cell types have increased by over 25% during January-May 2021, compared with the years 2019-2020. The weekly emergency call counts were significantly associated with the rates of 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered to this age group but were not associated with CCP virus infection rates.

According to CBS News on May 1st, the confirmed cases and hospitalizations related to the CCP virus reached a new high in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2022. Positive cases have gone up 52% in the past two weeks with a 14% rise in hospitalizations. New infections have doubled in at least 6 states, and about 43% of the American population were living in the high or substantial risk areas.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Vaccine Monitor survey on May 4th, only 18% of parents of children under 5 would like to vaccinate their children against the CCP virus when a vaccine was available and 11% said they would get the vaccine if required, while nearly 40% of parents chose to wait and see and 27% definitely refused to vaccinate their children.

According to the Guardian on May 3rd, New Zealand’s former deputy prime minister, Winston Peters, has been banned from parliament for two years after meeting protestors who are against the vaccine mandate.

According to CNBC on May 4th, Moderna’s first-quarter vaccine sales more than tripled over the same period last year. Notwithstanding $3.66 billion in net income reported for the first quarter, the biotech company maintained its full-year guidance of $21 billion in CCP virus vaccine sales.

On the same day, the State Department said Secretary of State Antony Blinken has tested positive for CCP virus after attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

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