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Translated by: MOS Education Team – Su T.

During the grand live broadcast on May 6, Miles Guo said that in the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark, the Ark would not have played its proper role as it did without the dove with olive branch to convey the message of peace. Our grand live broadcast is like the dove with olive branch in the story, sharing the message of hope for survival with everyone.

Miles added that the Whistleblower Movement does not expect everyone to truly understand us, but we must spread it with all heart and mind so that everyone can get a sense of understanding.

Miles believes that the New Federal State of China as the Noah’s Ark to save everyone under the current war and CCP Virus vaccine disaster created by the evil CCP regime. After taking down the CCP, China will become a huge Noah’s Ark. He also hopes that fellow fighters could build a Noah’s Ark in their hearts to help each other, because the most important thing in our life is to have true friends and family.


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Posted by: Zee Li

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