The most significant effects of the Russo-Ukrainian War on China are necessities such as food, water, candles, matches, and medicine.

The most important way to deal with the domestic crisis is to stockpile food and medicine.

The lockdowns were a pre-war exercise in preparation for a centralized supply of goods.

The Communist Party declared war on the world, destined to be the post-war Japan and Germany.

Unless the Chinese people destroy the Communist Party, China will enter a cannibalistic society within 5-10 years, and in the long term, Chinese people living abroad will suffer from Indonesian-like exclusion.

Anyone who can earn a living overseas must leave China. Any small country is better than China.

Money at home will be your disaster. Second and third-tier cities will be better than first-tier cities

The most significant reason for people committing suicide in the last two weeks is not because of the virus outbreak but because of Bitcoin’s decline.

We are Noah’s Ark. Our country is Noah’s Ark, and we must build ourselves up first before building an honest government.

The de-escalation in Sino-US relations does not affect the CCP’s ongoing plan to invade Taiwan.

In the event of a war in the Taiwan Strait and Sino-US conflict, we must ensure that the donors of the Rule of Law, old chair investors, and GCLUB members have food and dignity.

First, the New Federal State of China will use the “silver bullet” solution; we will take our Tangping Coin, H-pay, and even gold bars to the frontline, and even to Kyiv and Moscow, and liberate the people.

Second, the United States and the West have two directives for the Communist Party: 1. Pass legislation to seize all assets of the Communist Party Members, their family members, and their businesses enterprises. 2 The way to deal with the CCP in terms of studying abroad, communication, exchange, and trade will be completely changed.

The consequences of the Russo-Ukrainian war will be the disposal of Putin by Russian; with Putin dead the Russian Federation will disintegrate.

Translator: Latin | Proofread: I Love Himalaya | Publish:Little Bee