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On May 5 Local time, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reached a broad accord on a reciprocal access agreement. According to the source, the agreement will allow two countries’ troops to perform joint exercises or relief activities in times of disasters, and will continue to cooperate on developing advanced defense technologies, including new fighter engines.

The report mentioned that Britain is the first European country to reach a reciprocal access agreement with Japan. This move not only represents the alliance that Japan is seeking to form with European countries, but also shows Britain’s determination to re-enter the Indo-Pacific region.

Meanwhile, Fumio Kishida said in a press conference that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is very important to Japan, and it is closely related to the stability of the international situation. The Indo-Pacific region, especially in East Asia, will not allow any attempt to change the status quo by force. He further pointed out that Japan will continue to pay attention to the stability of the Taiwan Strait based on the universal values of the international community and seek cooperative actions with the community.

Posted by: Xueli