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On May 4, a Japanese media interviewed its resident reporters in Beijing and Shanghai to share the real story of the CCP’s lockdown measures. 

The reporter in Beijing said that the CCP government has tightened the area of activities of residents in the closed community and claimed to stop using indoor air conditioning to prevent the pandemic. The temperature has reached to 35 Celsius, residents have to open windows and use fans to cool down and preparing insect repellents to keep mosquitoes away. 

A Shanghai-based reporter reported that a friend of his had a blocked sewer that could not be repaired. When the Beijing-based reporter said that he still believed that the CCP would not blockade Beijing for a long time, the Shanghai reporter immediately pointed out that he had also heard that Shanghai would not be blockaded with long-term, but now it is blocked for 34 days, the words of the Chinese government cannot be trust. 

He added that Shanghai is still facing food shortage and called on reporters in Beijing to store as much as possible, including children’s toys, because the delivery service will be stopped immediately and now although they can shop online, it will take 10 days to get them. 

It confirms that Miles Guo has been warning the world since October last year that, the people living in metro areas of mainland China will suffer from lack of water, electricity, gas and so on, with the collapse of the CCP regime and the arrival of vaccine disasters. 

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