Produced by: MOS Video Department

On April 30th local time, on the front line in Medyka Poland, the New Federal State of China reporter Nicole interviewed a Korean volunteer from Austria, and introduced him to the New Federal State of China and Rule of Law Foundation’s rescue in Ukraine, and the mission of the new Chinese: Take Down the CCP!

The volunteer was impressed by the rescue efforts of the New Federal State of China. Speaking about the evil of North Korea’s and the CCP China’s dictatorial regimes and the harm to the world, he smiles knowingly and believes we need to get rid of most of the crises that threaten democracy or freedom in the world. He confirms that there are many very friendly Chinese in the world and believes that the New Federal State of China will achieve the great goal of eliminating the CCP! One day he will meet us again in a world with real Democracy and Freedom.

Posted by: 呼吸的雾霾(文小呼吸)

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