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Translated by: MOS Education Team – Mark Wen, Juliet


A report released on May 4 by U.S. security firm Cybereason uncovered a cyberattack linked to the Chinese government. The attack sought to steal sensitive proprietary information from technology and manufacturing companies in East Asia, Western Europe and North America.

The attack was linked to the Winnti APT group, which specializes in intellectual property (IP) theft and cyber espionage and is believed to serve the interests of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to the report. It was said that the group made “intricate and extensive efforts” to steal the information. However, the companies were unaware of the theft, “giving Winnti group free unfiltered access to IP, blueprints, sensitive diagrams and other proprietary data.”

The theft, which dates back to 2019, is one of the largest cyber thefts by the CCP. Cybereason has notified the FBI and the Department of Justice of the content of the report.

The Chinese government has completely denied the report and claimed that it was the victim of cyberattacks.

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