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The first group of NFSC volunteers had gone back home, and the second group of volunteers is now managing the Medyka camp. After Poland had decided to join Ukraine to fight Russia, the Medyka camp became a less safe place as its location is now part of the war zone. The NFSC thanks all volunteers for risking their lives and their dedication and commitment to helping the needy.

Besides Taiwan, Japan is also a concern if Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan. Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan signifies that the United States has recognised Taiwan as an essential independent sovereign country. Miles is confident that Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan no later than the end of June unless CCP invades Taiwan before the visitation date.

Mike Pompeo intends to contend in the next presidential election. He will be competing with former President Donald Trump as the GOP presidential candidate for 2024.

Fake news is circulating on the internet regarding President Volodymyr Zelenskyy escaping Ukraine and abandoning his people behind. Zelenskyy is the main reason behind the successful rallying of various countries to help Ukraine in the war. If Zelenskyy had escaped, the rally would stop, and the people’s morale would fall. Therefore, Russia and CCP are keen on spreading such misinformation. However, Zelenskyy and his wife have no intention of abandoning Ukraine ever.

Poland is aware that Russia will come for her next if Ukraine falls. To protect herself, Poland chooses to join Ukraine to fight Russia. Ukraine could never have survived this far without Europe and United States’ help. Europe and United States have been providing Ukraine with supplies, advanced weaponry and technical knowledge to ward off the Russian military.

The continuation of lockdowns in China shows no one in China can challenge Xi Jinping. Xi now holds absolute power in China.

Resentment towards Putin for promoting his personal idolisation keeps increasing within Russia. Many Russians feel the war is all about Putin’s personal ambition and has nothing to do with the country’s needs. According to Intel, the Russian military is responsible for damaging 17% of all damaged weapons on the frontline. Learning this, Xi becomes apprehensive it could happen to his military too, and Xi now emphasises the importance of collective leadership.

Today is Mother’s Day, and there was a discussion in the broadcast on the impacts of parents, particularly mothers in China society. Many CCP officials are very respectful to their mothers. One criterion the CCP uses to judge if a person can be trusted and make use of is his attitude towards his parents. The CCP expects all underlings to be good to their parents but wants them to sacrifice their sons’ and daughters’ duties to do the CCP’s works as a sign of loyalty. For ordinary citizens, CCP encourages them to snitch on their parents to the authority if they ever break any rule set by the government.

Li Keqiang and Hu Jintao are among some of the high profile CCP officials who are all respectful and dutiful to their mothers. Above all, Xi Jinping loves his mother more than any other CCP officials love their mothers. The only exception was Mao Zedong, who detested his own parents. Many CCP officials think of Mao as an uncouth, barbaric, and uncivilised person, but sadly, many people in China idolise Mao.

Hu Jintao’s mother taught Hu at an early age the writings of Laozi and Mencius. His mother never allowed him to touch any Confucius teaching. In China, most of the upbringings are done by mothers (although I think that grandmothers in dual working parents families do a large percentage), and fathers usually have a hands-off approach to the child’s education. The lack of father’s involvement created generations of effeminate citizens.

In America, people are expected to leave home when they reach 18, whereas in China, it is not uncommon to see children living with their parents until marriage or even beyond. Many China parents also saved up money to pay for their son’s matrimonial house. In return, parents expect their children to take care of them in their old age. Therefore, outsiders usually see the Chinese as being babysat by their parents for far too long for their own good. Furthermore, the high property price also does not help the Chinese pursue independence (an average house in the city costs several decades of an average worker’s wage). The CCP also encourages communal family living to reduce government burden and increase the property price. The CCP has done more damage to family and marriage values than at any point in China’s history.

Miles hopes that in the future without the CCP, the new Chinese will learn from the Americans to seek independence at age 18. However, the new Chinese should still maintain a good relationship with their parents and spend quality time with them after leaving home.

Many people within the CCP establishment secretly wish for harsher lockdowns and zero-covid measures. They hope the people can one day wake up to the true nature of CCP and stir up the desire for revolution within them. They know that they can never be safe, and they can be the next person to be detained in lockdowns as long as communism exists in China.

In future, when the western world confiscates CCP assets as they did with the Russians but a hundred times more drastic, all CCP’s past and future transactions involving USD and U.S. assets will be targeted for seizing. Binance will not escape confiscation since the company’s only role is to help the CCP to scam money.

The recent turbulence in Shang Hai and the Hong Kong stock exchange shows that the CCP is losing financial control. Instead of changing the software algorithm, CCP has changed the entire hardware and software system for manipulating the stock market.

The escaped NFSC China scientist is working on a prescription based on Artemisinin to rid the body of vaccine toxins. He is very confident that the prescription effectively treats those who have received up to 4 shots of the vaccine. He hopes that at least one major medical institution can provide him feedback regarding the prescription. A complete course of the prescription requires five doses of the medicine, and each dose is to be taken on every three days interval. One obstacle the scientist met is the lack of data relating to the side effects on people who had surgeries and young vaccinated children. The scientist is also unable to do a human trial, and NFSC may provide healthy adult volunteers to test out the prescription. The NFSC will announce the prescription to the world after it is finalised.

The calamity caused by the vaccine will be worse than anyone can imagine. Even if a person does not die or develop cancer, the vaccine will still affect his lifespan, health, and neurological well-being. Many people have now encountered at least one person they know who had died of a suspicious cause or contracted an unexplained illness. Therefore, before finalising the prescription, vaccinated and infected people are advised to consume Ivermectin and Artemisinin for treatment.

Source:Miles Guo’s 8th May 2022 Broadcast

Published/Edited by: Lish

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