Author: Jenny Ball
Editor: yuddy

Since Putin openly launched an aggression against the sovereign country of Ukraine on February 24th, the brave Ukrainian people, led by President Zelensky, have smashed Putin’s ambition to overtake Ukraine in a week and shown the world the true face of Russia, the claimed world’s military power. And the world’s peace-loving and free-loving countries and people have all stood with Ukraine, which has been bravely fighting Russia, and formed the Great Alliance against the new Axis of Evil, with Putin and the CCP at the center.

The war, which has lasted over two months, has so far determined that the Ukrainian people will win, and Ukraine’s victory will also change the profound transformation of world politics in the future.

Miles Guo reiterated his conclusion on the dramatic impact of Ukraine’s victory and the enlightenment of the Ukrainian people to the world in today’s live broadcast. Miles stated that no matter what news is released on May 9th, whether Putin announces a truce, continues the war, or launches a nuclear attack, nothing will change the fact that Putin has already lost! Ukraine will be at the heart of a Europe that will be strong again after Russia disintegrates and the CCP falls.

Sadly, the Chinese people have paid the highest price in the war between Russia and Ukraine as a result of the CCP’s alliance with Putin as the evil Axis. The Chinese are already at war with each other. The war between Communist China and the United States has already begun in areas such as unrestricted warfare, economic warfare and cyber warfare. And Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a continuation of humanity’s ultimate conflict: Justice vs. Evil.

However, the New Federal State of China, with its powerful G-series economy and faith in freedom and justice, will be the force to clean up the battlefield.

Link of Miles’ live broadcast on gettr and YouTube May 6