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On May 6th in a life broadcast, Miles Guo shared his view of the current situation in the world and the role that CCP is playing. He said in fact everyone knows that the CCP launched a war against the entire world, however, when to end it is not CCP’s say, but the United States.

He explained that this is like the Empress Dowager Cixi waging a war against the Eight-Nation Alliance, but wasn’t able to determine when to stop, which led to the overthrow of her imperial rule.

Today the CCP is playing the same idiotic trick like Cixi did to launch a war against the entire humanity by releasing the Covid virus, challenging the world economy, seeking to dominate the world.

Xi did this based on two reasons, one reason is because Xi is so convinced that his turn is coming to dominate the world according to the George Modelski’s Long Cycle Theory and the notion of axis civilization. Another reason is that Xi believes eventually he would become the world’s hegemon as long as a world war breaks out, just like the United States ended up to the top of the world through the World War II, and he’s also convinced that the Communist China would recover quickly like Japan and Germany did after World War II.

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