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We just updated our protocols this week, my colleague Professor Paul Marik was right there.
Hi. It is a privilege for me. I’m very grateful.
So this is my boyfriend. Yeah, we work together.
You got a sense of humor.
Partner in crime.
But yeah. So you know, our protocols are based on science, the best available science. It may have been evolved since March and April last year. And you know, we believe in science and we believe in the truth. And unfortunately, the truth has been suppressed. Because there are safe and effective ways to treat this virus. It’s a treatable disease. They don’t want you to know that. This is a treatable disease, and the lies and misinformation just have to stop. They have to stop lying to you. The FDA and the CDC lie. There’s no other way to put this. This idea that ivermectin is a dangerous horse deworming medicine is horseshit. I’m sorry to say that. It is nonsense. Millions of people on this planet are being treated with ivermectin. It is one of the safest medication.
4 billion applications, I believe, over the course of three decades.
And that was a couple of years ago, by now I’m sure it’s many more.
After penicillin,
Two deaths per year.
After penicillin, this is probably the most important medication ever developed by the medical science. It’s had a greater impact on humanity than almost any other drug except penicillin.
Nobel Peace Prize was won for it, correct?
Yes, it’s the only antimicrobial drug ever to receive a Nobel Prize, and it is safe, it is safe, it is safer than Tylenol. You’re more likely to die from aspirin or Tylenol than taking ivermectin. It’s, in fact, impossible almost to kill someone with ivermectin. It’s so sad.
The most important thing is that the reason why they’re lying is because it would affect the profit making ability of the pharmaceutical industry. If it’s true efficacy were known by everyone, the market for all of their new and toxic medications would dry up; the appetite for vaccines and the endless vaccinating would dry up. And so there’s a horrific war on that evidence of efficacy that my colleague just put forth. And you know, we’re trying to fight back, otherwise its a war of information. We’re trying to fight back with good information, not bad information, because that’s what they’re trafficking. They’re trafficking and false misleading information to hide the efficacy of an extremely inexpensive drug that does not present itself for the obscene profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

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