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US Rep. Mark Green recently warned that the West would not tolerate the Chinese Communist party’s invasion of Taiwan. Global solidarity would be stronger than even the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, given the difference in the global economic impact between Taiwan and Ukraine.      

Green was interviewed by Leland Vittert, host of NewsNation’s On Balance, on May 5. Vettel asked whether China is much larger than Russia regarding GDP, bank assets or investment. So if the CCP invades Taiwan, can the world unite to counterattack the Chinese Communist Party?   

Green replied, “What you are looking at is the gap between China and Russia. “I suggest you look at the economic differences between Taiwan and Ukraine.”

“Taiwan manufactures 94% of all high-end semiconductors (globally), and the West cannot tolerate communist China taking control of Taiwan.” He said.

“So, we will fight back, which is absolute.” Green said, “And every country will unite to a greater extent than to support Ukraine.”

During the interview, Green also said, “We have been arming Taiwan for decades. Can we do more? Should we do more? Absolutely.”

Green said, “What we need to do is to make the consequences of communist China’s attack on Taiwan so great that they choose not to do so.”

Green also said that maybe more should be done, “I won’t talk about it on TV.” “For communist China, the cost of winning Taiwan will be very high.”

Green also believes that the CCP is also paying close attention to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Seeing that the seemingly powerful Russian army has been repeatedly blocked in Ukraine, the CCP will also think about how strong its military strength is.

“Of course, they (the CCP) are paying attention to the West coming together to impose influential sanctions on Russia,” Green said that they also saw that although Russia has a strong power that scares everyone, their war in Ukraine is a stumbling, making the CCP realize that it may not be as strong as it initially thought. 


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