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According to The Guardian, on May 3rd, associate professor Stuart Turville from the Kirby Institute of the University of New South Wales revealed that Omicron sub-variants BA.2.12.1, BA.4, and BA.5 had been detected in Australia. Authorities are warning that this coming winter we will likely see a spike in infection cases of the CCP virus and influenza, because immunities suppressing the transmission of these viruses are waning.

Turville said the new sub-variants, of which the severity and transmissibility have not yet been determined, were likely to displace BA.1 and BA.2 in Australia. These initial variants could evade previous antibody responses, including vaccinated individuals, despite having a lesser impact than previously seen with the first SARS-CoV-2.

The new Covid Omicron subvariants in Australia
Image Source: theguardian

It will take more time to understand if the new sub-variants have higher transmissibility and if they are more evasive to antibodies. Moreover, the severity of disease caused by the new sub-variants is the key parameter that needs time to observe and accumulate data. He pointed out that there is still much about this unknown virus, and there are many paths it has the potential to take in its transmutation.


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