Produced by: MOS Video Department

On May 4, European doctor Flix was interviewed by fellow fighter Nicole at the rescue base in Ukraine. The young doctor, who travels between Lviv and Medyka to deliver medical rescue supplies to Ukrainian refugees, said he was happy to see the people of the New Federal State of China and Europeans working side by side at the Polish border to rescue Ukrainian refugees.

Talking about the current inhumane lockdown policy in Shanghai by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Flix said it was heartbreaking to see the people of Shanghai starving and desperately knocking pans as a protest. China has a humanistic history of several thousand years and profound Asian philosophies. Still, today the Chinese people are ruled by a dictatorial government and live worse than cats and dogs. If the CCP invades Taiwan, it will suffer the harshest sanctions from the international community, the people will suffer even more, and it may even trigger World War III.

For this reason, he prays for world peace every day. No matter what color and race, people are all human essentially. Flix sincerely hopes that the NFSC will soon end the CCP, that the Chinese people will soon get true democracy and freedom, and that the world will be at peace again.

Posted by: Xueli