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On May 7, NTDTV reported that Chinese college graduates would face the most challenging employment year in history. The People’s Daily, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media once again cited that the educated youth to “go to the countryside to reclaim wasteland” and call for college students to “go to the place where the mother country needs the most”.

CCP’s lockdown leave million out of work
Image Source: the New York Times

Recently, it has been listed in the hot search on Weibo that 2022 may be the most challenging year for graduates to find a job. In addition, according to the CCP-owned Economic Daily, the college graduates this year are expected to be 10.76 million, a record high in both scale and increment.

At the same time, the Chinese economy continued to decline, with businesses closing or laying off workers, and the unemployment rate continued to climb.

In the past few years, the CCP media has been promoting college students to “go back to their hometowns and start their own business”, to “work in the western provinces”, etc., repeatedly prompting Mao’s movement for “Educated youth to go to the mountains and countryside”.

CCP‘s “Educated youth to go to the mountains and countryside” movement
Image Source: zhihu

These are nothing but the CCP’s scheme to drink poison to quench the thirst by sacrificing the children from ordinary families. High-ranking CCP officials have long sent their children to the United States and European countries, which are described as the imperialism countries by the CCP media.


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