Author: Grace

Mr. Miles Guo revealed in a live stream on May 6th that fellow fighters will take ‘magic weapons’ of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to Kiev, Moscow, and even Europe. However, their compatriots living in communist China will pay the price in suffering and bloodshed because of the Chinese Communist Party’s support of Russia in the war between Russia and Ukraine. 

Mr. Guo also warned that the war and confrontation between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the United States would not stop, that the suffering of ordinary people living in communist China had not yet begun, and that a great economic decline, humanitarian disaster, and all kinds of material shortages would take place.

Fellow Fighters Would Have ‘Magic Weapons’ of the NFSC

In the live stream, Mr. Guo said that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) will turn the Ukrainian frontline team into “a bridge to the world.”

Mr. Guo said, “We will place our fellow fighters in Kiev. It may even be that soon, in the era without Putin, our fellow fighters will go to Moscow. If there is an economic depression or if the CCP attack Taiwan, our fellow fighters will also go to every country in Europe.”

“What are we taking with us?”

Mr. Guo said solemnly, “Here is the focus of today’s live stream – in the future, fellow fighters on the Ukrainian front and those on the farms of the Whistleblower Movement will have the ‘magic weapons’ of the New Federal State of China – huge amounts of money – Hcoins, Hpay, TangPing coins, even gold bars and gold bricks.”

Mr. Guo explained to his fellow fighters that they would take this huge fortune to Kiev and Moscow to set up kindergartens.

He also pointed out that Ukraine has a population of tens of millions, but in Kiev alone “there are millions of children displaced.”

Mr. Guo further warned his compatriots living in communist China that if “the Chinese go to war with the Taiwanese, hundreds of millions of children will be left homeless in China.”

Then, Mr. Guo said, “We’ll build kindergartens in Kiev. We’ll build kindergartens in Moscow. We’ll have our fellow fighters bring billions or tens of billions to these places. Think about what that would mean and how it would affect us. The point is, at that point, everyone will be using Hpay. How will this affect us when everyone in the world is using Hpay?”

People Living in Communist China Will Pay the Price of Russia’s Defeat with Suffering and Bloodshed

When he talked about the war between Russia and Ukraine, Mr. Guo told his fellow fighters that he believed that Russia would lose and that the CCP would pay for it in the end (because it supported Russia), but the people living in Communist China would pay the price of the war in pain and bloodshed.

“The Russo-Ukrainian war is bound to end in Russia’s defeat, just in a different way,” Mr. Guo said confidently.

The War and Confrontation Between the CCP and the United States Will Not Stop, and the Suffering of the Common People Living in Communist China Has Not Yet Begun

On the air, Mr. Guo also warned his fellow fighters that “All the current situations will not affect (the CCP) to attack Taiwan at all, not at all.”

“The confrontation that the CCP wants to have with the United States, and the war that will eventually occur between the two, will not stop,” Mr. Guo stated.

“It could be said that the disasters that people living in communist China will face, such as the war, the economic crisis, the Zero-infection policy, and the vaccine disaster, have not yet begun. If  my compatriots in China saw the disasters in Shanghai and Changchun today, I can tell you that the disasters you will face in the future will be much greater than these disasters, all of which have not yet begun.”

Continually, Mr. Guo said, “In May, most people have felt the vaccine (CCP Covid-19 vaccine) disaster that I and the Whistleblower Movement said. We are the only ones talking about the economic disaster that people around the world have realized. Something that has never happened in the world has happened – that is, the prices of stocks and government bonds have fallen. Also, there is no appreciation of gold. There has not been any so-called increase in liquidity in the bulk of goods. These situations are strangely rare.”

 “In addition, the crisis level of the scarcity of goods for seven and a half billion human beings around the world is far greater than in World War II. What will happen next is – the great economic decline of World War II, the humanitarian catastrophe and material shortage catastrophe, it will all happen again.”