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Translated by : Vancouver Sailing Farm – Henry W

On May 4, Nicole, a reporter for the New Federal State of China at Medyka Relief Front, interviewed a college volunteer from the United States.

The volunteer is aware of the “one-child” policy imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He knows that the CCP has had a lot of bad influence on the Chinese people, but he does not know how evil the CCP can be. He was still surprised when he learned that the CCP hackers had destroyed the refugee rescue’s QR codes and email accounts. The billboards and cables at the rescue tent were cut, or when various evil deeds were taken against Miles Guo, the founder of the NFSC. However, he strongly agrees that the existence of the NFSC and what the NFSC has done scares the CCP.

Nicole further explained to him that the CCP affects not only the Chinese people but also the entire world. Only by knowing the truth about the CCP can we protect freedom and democracy in America, on which he strongly agrees.


Proofread / Edited by: Bella P
Chief Editor: Kayla J., Zee Li
Posted by: Emily G

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