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Translated by MOS Education Team–Mark Wen, Juliet

It’s reported on May 4 that European Union will carry out the newest experiment with big data, to create a super European medical database containing the private health information of people from 27 EU member states.

EU officials say the EU has made historic progress in digital health. According to a press release on the EU website, the “European Health Data Space EHDS” will allow medical professionals, as well as approved researchers and third parties, to access citizens’ medical data in a manner that complies with EU privacy and information security laws.

Those who have their own information in the system will also reportedly be able to control their information to some degree, correct inaccuracies, and restrict access to certain records to some extent, the extent of which is not mentioned in the press release. EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides said the database is citizen-centric, empowering them to take full control of their data for better healthcare across the EU.

Examples of past data breaches and warnings from experts show that such a project could be fraught with danger.

A security researcher on the dangers of vaccine passports said the government has repeatedly stated that they are providing data services to citizens and claiming it will be protected, but what we see is this information ends up in Google searches for data archives.

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