On May 4, 2022, Nicole Interviewed a student from the United States at the Medica Refugee Rescue Center in Poland. He is happy to see us and agrees with what the NFSC is doing, telling the international community that the Chinese Communist government does not represent the Chinese. When he learnt that the CCP had hacked the QR codes and email addresses of the ROLF and NFSC and that our billboard cables had been vandalized, he said that your presence and what you are doing scares the CCP too much. He agrees that as young Americans, only by knowing the truth about the CCP can we protect the cornerstone of American freedom and democracy.

Nicole, a volunteer for the Rule of Law Foundation and the New Federal State of China, had the following interview with a college student volunteer from the United States.

The U.S. Student: “I have been reading the news and a little bit of the historical context of how the Chinese Communist Party’s policies negatively impacted China’s people, like the one-child policy. And I think it’s great that a group like your guys’ organization exists to show people that not everybody in China agrees with the government and their policies.”

Nicole: “In fact, we are the biggest victims of the policies of the Chinese Communist Party. Many of us don’t have siblings because of the one-child policy and forced abortion. Hundreds of millions of lives were killed before they were born, and we have massive surveillance and censorship in China. The Chinese Communist Party attacked the email system and QR code for this rescue operation, and they also cut our billboard’s cable. “

The U.S. Student: ” Really? They actually came here to do that? I guess it doesn’t really surprise me. They probably don’t like an organization like your guys with a big presence online and getting a lot of attention. You know, and taking a stance. “

Nicole: ” We were surprised because Poland is a free country. Someone didn’t like the messaging of who we are and our mission displayed on our billboard, so they ended up cutting our cable, we lost a signal, and they destroyed our QR code. And of course, none of us who is wearing this is allowed to enter China until communism falls.”

The U.S. Student: “You shouldn’t really think about that. But I’m sure you know a government like China would never let the people participate in such a protest. I’m sure you guys have received threats from the government and stuff like that. “

Nicole: ” Yes, especially the founder of our movement, Miles Guo. He has borne the brunt of the CCP’s attacks and has been persecuted reputationally, financially, economically and everything. And he still has over 60 lawsuits brought against him by the Chinese Communist Party agent in the United States of America. “

The U.S. Student: ” That’s really sad.”

Nicole: “This is why we put this on our tent that the Chinese Communist Party is the root cause of the global disasters, and taking down the Chinese Communist Party is the only way to save humanity. Because it’s not only affecting the Chinese people’s life living in communist China but also western democratic society. For example, the freedom of the press, the judicial system, the financial system, and economics have all been integrated into the Chinese Communist Party’s system, which is terrible. So someone has to stand up, and we chose to stand up.”

The U.S. Student: “I think that’s really great. I really support you guys”

Nicole: ” Thank you so much. “

Reference: https://gnewsapp.com/post/p2484612/

Translated/Edited by:Lish
Published by: Wenwu

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