As the Russia-Ukraine war becomes more complex(Poland has declared war on Russia yesterday), the U.S. military, intelligence services and financial institutions are now preparing for the upcoming blitzkrieg launched by Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) army against Taiwan.

• While the U.S. imposes progressive sanctions on Russia, it will impose comprehensive sanctions on Communist China in one go. Other Western countries, including Japan, will follow the U.S. lead.
• Any overseas assets, including any securities and property associated with the CCP, will be seized.
• For example, the properties of the Tencent shareholders in the U.S. and the noble families’ real estate held by some Hongkongers in the U.K. will be seized by the local government.
• Confiscation of Xiao Jianhua’s (肖建華) overseas assets is absolutely inevitable.

The best, safest and most secure investment right now is to buy some good digital currencies.

• Ethereum and Himalaya Coin seem to be the best, but Bitcoin is too risky.
• Do not buy crypto through Binance. And Binance’s Changpeng Zhao (趙長鵬) will get arrested 100%.

Many Whistleblower Movement (WM) warriors came to thank Miles for the early warning about Beijing’s “COVID” lockdowns.  Many of them have fled China, and those who could not leave at least have enough food reserves.

• About 50 million Chinese people are ready to immigrate to the countries like Canada, Japan, Britain and Australia.
• As long as the CCP is in power, China will only get worse.

Recently many farms under New Federal State of China (NFSC) have rescued many WM warriors from China.  

• Rescuing our WM warriors is what we should do, and no one should give help based on the exchanges of interests. Rescuers should not expect anything in return, while the rescued should be grateful.
• Anything related to money between WM warriors and farms must be reported to Himalaya Global Alliance. Anyone who violates it will be expelled from the farm.
• At least three members of the farms and the Himalaya Global Alliance must be notified when a new member joins the farm.
• Proper rules are made for bad people or to prevent people from doing bad things.

Miles may attend tomorrow’s GETTR live. Please follow MilesGuoLive at GETTR to stay informed.