Translated by: Ermat

In the two photos above, if they are not illustrated, we must think that they were taken on the streets of Pyongyang. But unfortunately, they are 100% in the Chinese communist state. The one on the left is the magic city, Shanghai, which is known as a cosmopolitan city, on May 2. The one on the right is the imperial capital, where the common people at the foot of the Son of Heaven ride their bicycles to work after May 1st.

Do you feel in a trance, how in just one month, the citizens of these two metropolises have traveled to the Stone Age overnight? Would a proud Shanghainese or a Beijinger who has always considered himself a first-class citizen believe in such a magical reality a month ago?

Not to mention that people in these two cities would not believe it, even many fellow fighters in the new Federal state of China would not have expected the situation to deteriorate so quickly. It’s like knowing a patient with cancer, knowing that his days in the world are numbered, but he didn’t expect that his cancer cells had spread to the whole body overnight. For a while, this reality was really hard to accept.

In fact, in the current magic capital and imperial capital, it is already a happy person to be able to ride a bicycle to work or go for a walk on the street. Being able to go to work means that you still have a source of income, that you have not been imprisoned at home, and that you can go to the supermarket to buy supplies freely. In these two days, you don’t have to worry about whether there is rice in the pot for the next meal.

In Shanghai now, even riding a bicycle is illegal. Do you want to buy groceries? Go on foot, carry the dishes with your hand, and carry them on your shoulders. As a result, the bamboo poles that have not been seen in Shanghai for a hundred years have been resurrected. I hear people are starting to buy live donkeys online. I don’t know if it is used to carry creatures or to make avanti, it is unknown.

I remember Wang Xiaobo once recalled his educated youth life in his prose: in order to prove the greatness of human beings, the production leader let the donkey rest on the side, and asked the educated youth to go back and forth to pick up dung in a place equivalent to 80 stories high. The great leader Xi Jinping carried a 200-pound burden and walked ten miles of mountain road without changing shoulders. It is estimated that he has also done this work. Maybe this is his great idea. The people of Shanghai must park their cars at home and let them experience the life he once lived.

Despite this, the compatriots in Shanghai are also very happy. They think that their obedience can be exchanged for a little mercy from the CCP, so that Shanghai can be lifted as soon as possible, and they are still looking forward to Shanghai standing up again. Our compatriots are really too naive, really too docile. They underestimated Xi Jinping’s viciousness and hatred of Shanghai, and underestimated the ruthlessness of the CCP bandits.

Just when they thought that the lockdown could be lifted after Sun Chunlan left, on May 5, Xi Jinping said that they must resolutely carry out the virus clearance policy to the end. It seems that the unblocking of Shanghai is still in the future. I wonder if those compatriots who have no source of income still have the money to buy high-priced dishes to maintain their vitality, and I don’t know how long they will endure.

Unfortunately, I do not see any sign of resistance. A few days ago, it was widely rumored on the Internet that Xi Jinping had been removed from the Politburo Standing Committee, saying that the central guards had remained neutral and listened to the collective decision of the Politburo Party Committee to allow Li Keqiang to take Xi’s place. 

I don’t know what the aim of the communists in spreading such rumors is, but it is clear from the wild rumors on WeChat and the jubilation of netizens that our compatriots are still pinning their hopes on the communists’ infighting. It is as if by solving Xi Sun, all the current problems in China will be solved and we can happily go back to being slaves again.

It is so sad that our compatriots have lived like this for so many times. The Anti-Rightist Movement, the Great Leap Forward Movement, the Cultural Revolution Movement, the bloody massacre of the Tianangs on June 4, 1989, and now the Epidemic Revolution, each of these movements has seen the innocent loss of millions and millions of lives. They are still not awake like this and are still hoping for mercy from the communists. 

What kind of a slave nation is this? No, they are not even slaves, they are animal slaves. Think of the millions of people in Hong Kong who took to the streets to fight the communists, and then look at the scenes of the ordinary people of Zhengzhou who were blocked in the road to buy vegetables before the city was closed, and the vegetables were sold out while the people were still unable to move, why did they block the traffic to grab the vegetables instead of protesting like their compatriots in Hong Kong?

Mr Guo said that we are our own Noah’s Ark, and I deeply agree. Do you want Shanghai to stand up again? Do you want this land of China to still shelter our homeland? Then give up your illusions, be brave, stand up, go out, say “no” to the city, say “no” to the brutal communist bandits, clear Xi Jinping, clear the communist bandits, and make them never live again!