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Translated by: MOS Education Team – Master LL

The U.S. Defense Department has denied reports that it assisted Ukrainian forces in sinking the Russian Black Sea Fleet guided-missile cruiser Moskva, which was hit and sank during a military operation against Ukraine last month.

Image Source: twitter

Spokesman Kirby said in a statement that specific target information about the ‘Moskva’ was not provide to Ukraine, and the United States was not aware of this action in advance.  It was also made clear that the U.S. was not involved neither in the Ukrainian military’s decision to attack the ship nor in the operation itself.  The Ukrainian side has its own intelligence-gathering capability to track and attack Russian warships, and this time Ukraine used that capability as well.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby
Image Source: AP


Edited and Proofread by:  Linda Progress
Posted by: Peter Chen

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