Translated by MOS Education Team–Mark Wen, Juliet

Beijing Daily report on May 7, 2022: “In 1999, at 11:45 pm Belgrade time on May 7 (5:45 am Beijing time on the 8th), NATO headed by the United States brazenly attacked the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia with missiles. More than 20 Chinese embassy personnel were injured, and 48-year-old Xinhua reporter Shao Yunhuan, 31-year-old Guangming Daily reporter Xu Xinghu and his 28-year-old wife Zhu Ying died.

Picture Source: BBC

“The Chinese people will never forget this atrocity and allow the tragedy to repeat itself, and we will commemorate the martyrs. In order to not let them down, our generation strives for self-improvement and excellency.”

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly condemned the atrocities of the US-led NATO on the bombing of the Yugoslav embassy on May 6, and blamed NATO for the cause of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In yesterday’s live broadcast, Miles Guo has clearly stated that after the Russo-Ukrainian war, the CCP will keep on ignoring the reality of the severe epidemic, vaccine disaster and economic collapse and will do whatever it take to confront the United States.

The CCP media continues to incite the anti-American and anti-NATO sentiments of the common Chinese people, meanwhile, preparing for the attack on Taiwan, and then directly engaging in kinetic warfare with the United States.


Edited and posted by: Maverick (Janibek L.)

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