Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

This is a cursed nation. The Chinese made the worst and worst choice at a critical moment when the times were changing and the history of national development, so the entire nation fell into the abyss of irreversible disaster.

The totalitarian rule of the CCP for more than 70 years has transformed the whole of China beyond recognition. The natural environment, air, water, land and other natural resources have been severely polluted and damaged, leaving behind a country riddled with holes for future generations. The poison to the humanistic spirit of the entire Chinese nation is unprecedented.

All living beings in the CCP – the compatriots in the country have basically been abandoned, trying to survive in the cracks, unspoken rules of all walks of life, saying insincere words every day, false and empty everywhere. Never tell the truth in the Communist Party of China, or you will lose your job and be silenced, or you will be sentenced to prison, or you may even be silenced. 

The people of the walled country are completely castrated from generation to generation, spiritually, psychologically and mentally, and those who are awake are suffering, or are too sick mentally and internally to realize it.

Brainwashing starts from a young age, and the human nature that is educated is distorted, like the walking dead in the world, and it is no different from hell.

The selfishness, indifference, ignorance, ignorance, lucklessness, fighting, lack of solidarity, lack of public morality and insensitivity of the Chinese people are all evident in every aspect of society.

It is the most terrible and strange phenomenon that people are blind to and used to all these things when they see and hear things that are not fair, not just and not human.

To this day, the CCP has spread the virus all over the world, and then re-poisoned it with the poisonous vaccine, blocking and isolating the city, and no one has been spared. The people don’t know the nature of the reason, and they don’t know how to resist. How sad! A country is not a country, and people are not as good as pigs and dogs.

The CCP is the root cause of all these disasters and the main culprit.

The current situation in China is full of helplessness and repression, and there is no freedom to speak of, not even basic freedom of speech. Under the CCP, telling the truth is the same price as telling lies in a US court! CCP never solves problems, only the people who ask them. The CCP will never give an explanation to the people, it will only give you a piece of tape, and the control of speech is unprecedented.

There is no shortage of good people in China, but most of them have been brainwashed for too long, poisoned too deeply. They lost the ability to think independently. They have no common sense thinking ability, blindly follow the crowd, and even have no basic ability to express their emotions.

I hope that our compatriots will wake up soon and stop suffering from this endless disaster without any intention to wake up and fight back, never knowing to ask why, not knowing to seek the truth, to hold the government accountable and to fight for their rights and interests as human beings and their families.

Wake up, stop being so indifferent, wake up and leave all your cowardice behind. The words of Seventh Brother’s “Dream in Iron Chains” are still ringing in our ears,  and every sentence is piercing my heart.

The CCP’s enslavement of the Chinese people for so many years is a history of blood and tears that cannot be erased, but the common people are terminally ill without knowing it, living in the illusion of a peaceful time.

A lot of lives have been wiped out, not even a number. Whenever I think of these, I feel extremely painful inside, and more often I feel helpless, resentful, and powerless.

Mr Guo and the Whistleblower Movement give us hope, a glimpse of light and a future.

A truly civilized nation has to be constantly self-critical and self-improving. From the smallest person to the largest country, a nation must learn self-reflection, have the courage to face problems, have the determination and ability to admit mistakes and correct them, remember history, and not forget wounds and disasters. Only by learning from the profound lessons of yesterday can we be better equipped for the present and create a better future.