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In his live stream on May 3rd, Miles Guo presented a map of his life through some old photos and the critical timeline of taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

From 1983 to 1985, Miles traveled extensively in China, and his business was prosperous.

In 1985 he married his current wife, and his love story was astounding.

From 1986 to 1988, he visited Russia and Hong Kong, crossing from the North to the South.

In 1986, his son was born, and in 1988 his daughter was born.

Miles said that the Whistleblowers’ Movement began in 1989. The heroes who were executed in Qingfeng Detention Center were our initial fellow fighters. 

In 1990, Miles was determined to take down the CCP and has never wavered since then.

On May 3rd, 1991, Miles left the Qingfeng Detention Center. His more brilliant career had been launched.

Miles Guo said that the photos summarize his own life and cover many aspects such as human relationships, humanity, and faith. The Whistleblowers’ Movement and the New Federal State of China oppose dictatorships and the “Shang Yang Five Techniques of Harnessing the People.”

He exposed the CCP’s propaganda and brainwashing mechanism and proved its cult-like nature with countless facts. 

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