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On May 3rd in a live broadcast, Miles Guo revealed the connection between the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) and the Freemason and why he didn’t agree years ago to become a member.

He said in the view of Masonic, there’s no justice or evil, the only thing they value is success. In order to dominate the entire world, Freemason controls resources worldwide including politics, military, economy, and culture through controlling human groups instead of nations or states.

Miles Guo also exposed that in order to ensure the survival of several high-ranking families of the CCP, Wang Qishan, Zhou Xiaochuan, and Guo Shuqing are all members of Freemason, and some senior officials in Guangdong and Shanghai are also appointed through Masonic arrangements.

Miles Guo recalled that Freemason invited him to join in the early years when he was just released from Qingfeng detention center, but he chose not to because he was determined to pursue the one and only goal of his life, which is to take down the CCP.

Now, through the New Federal State of China (NFSC)’s frontline Ukraine rescue operation, organizations such as Freemason are convinced that the NFSC would eventually succeed, therefore they expressed their willingness to fully support the NFSC and its mission.

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