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Written by: OX – Linda Progress

According to the documents released by the FDA that consists of 10,000 pages last week related to the authorization of the Pfizer vaccine, there are a few surprises worth mentioning.

Image Credit: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

The primary focus, according to the data, natural immunity has proved to be as effective as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus vaccines in regard to preventing infections and preventing hospitalizations. The results of clinical trial data confirms that this was a fact both Pfizer and the FDA knew for quite some time. In the context of the data, it was also revealed that there were zero cases of severe Covid infection among the naturally immuned group regardless of being vaccinated.

Secondly, with in the documents, it is stated that adverse reactions to the vaccines are both more severe and more common in younger individuals than the older ones. Researchers also knew this long before the vaccine approval was granted.

The FDA and the CDC studied these reports thoroughly before granting vaccines authorization, therefore both agencies should be well aware of the fact that natural immunity was effective against the CCP virus. But both government officials and the media did not promote natural immunity as equal to the vaccines, but regarded it as fringe science and borderline conspiracy theory.

Miles Guo, founder of the Whistleblower Movement, together with all fellow fighters are exposing the evil elements and plans of the CCP along with the corrupt officials around the world that promoted the vaccine culture. The Whistleblower Movement will not rest until the CCP and their accomplices are eliminated.


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Posted by: James L

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