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(resource: Baidu)

May 5(Economic View), according to the news of May 5 from China Transportation News, recently the CPC Ministry of Transport Party Group held (expanded) meeting required to comprehensively strengthen the construction of transport infrastructure, moderately ahead of the infrastructure investment, national trunk highway inter-provincial smooth project, national defense border road smooth project, “four good rural roads” to help revitalize the countryside project, trunk highway safety improvement project, water transport quality expansion project, comprehensive transportation hub construction project and other projects.

4 trillion dollars spent on infrastructure in 2008, resulting in “ghost cities” across the country. In order to reduce large-scale unemployment and destocking and increase domestic demand, the CCP clearly pointed out that infrastructure investment should be carried out moderately in advance. The capital stock of infrastructure in Communist China has maintained a growth rate of 10% in the past 20 years. The world’s highest bridge, the longest bridge, the longest tunnel  etc. were born in the Communist China …… behind a series of eye-catching figures can not hide the economic collapse of the Communist China. Amid the spread of CCP virus and tainted vaccines, sluggish consumption and impacted exports, the CCP continues to invest astronomical figures, disregarding the improvement of people’s livelihoods and using major infrastructure to boost economic growth.


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