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Translated by : MOS Buddhism Team — Ronald Yan

During the grand live broadcast on May 1st, Miles Guo said no AXIS Act is possible without the Whistleblower Movement, which made it clear in the West that Communism and the CCP couldn’t represent all the Chinese people. Miles. Guo said the CCP was the root cause of all catastrophes worldwide. The CCP regime was established based on totalitarian politics, which was inevitably anti-social and anti-human. The Whistleblower Movement demonstrated to the West that capital, human rights, law, and civilization were all regarded as nothing but the CCP’s instrument of governance. By the comparative method, the 5-year journey of the Whistleblower Movement made the U.S. Congress and elites trust the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and recognize the CCP’s evil nature by exposing how they treated Uyghurs, Tibetans, Hongkongers, Taiwanese, the private enterprises in Communist China, Chinese women, Asian neighbors, and the world civilization.

It turned out that the CCP was an outright liar. The West has completely understood that the so-called Axis Civilization, Axis Politics, and Axis Military were major strategic aggression against the West, an enormous threat to human civilization rather than the cultural gap between the East and the West.

In essence, the AXIS Act represented not only a political confrontation between the Western Civilization and the CCP but also the last hope to fix the relationship between the Chinese and the world. Miles Guo pointed out that the activities that the NFSC have undertaken worldwide and the rescue operations that the fellow fighters risked their lives to conduct at the Ukrainian front line showed the world that the CCP didn’t represent the Chinese people.

He added there had emerged many top thinkers in Jews, a great nation that created the world’s civilization and controlled the core power in the world’s swamp. However, it was impossible for them to wipe out the CCP’s so-called Axis aggression law. Finally, the NFSC’s new Chinese people exposed the essence of the CCP’s magic and saved the world. The AXIS Act would subsequently be enshrined in the constitution in Japan, Europe, and many other countries, providing a legal basis for eradicating Marxist-Leninist ideology and socialism.


Proofread & Edited by : Laura L
Chief Editor: Kayla J.
Posted by: Moli C.