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Translated by: OX Translation Team – boylatin1L / MaiTian / W2

  1. May 6th, 2022 is an important day, we can ask Mr. Miles Guo regarding this important day a few years later
  1. The most significant impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on China is the supply of daily necessities, food, water, candles, matches, medicine
  1. The current lockdown of the cities and establishment of supply and marketing cooperatives are not because of the CCP virus, but centralized the distribution of resources and production to prepare for war
  2. As long as the Chinese do not eliminate the CCP, Communist China will enter a cannibalistic society in the next 5-10 years, and it will be long-term, overseas Chinese will suffer a similar to the Anti-Chinese event in Indonesia
  1. Two suggestions for Laobaixing in Communist China: 1. Those who are capable must leave Communist China. Living in any small country is better than living in Communist China. 2. The RMB will be your disaster. Second and third tier cities are better than first-tier cities
  1. The recent suicides in the past two weeks are not because of the CCP virus epidemic but because of Bitcoin and NFT (90% of the transaction volume have plungged, more than 1 trillion US dollars has gone)
  1. We are Noah’s Ark; the country we were born into is Noah’s Ark. We must save the country first and build a country of our own, instead of the CCP; Before building our own country, we must build ourselves first
  1. We must sincerely help our fellow fighters: individual farm leaders, bureaucrats who think that they are higher than others, as well as bad people benefiting from it, are scarier than the CCP
  1. The easing of US-China relations will not affect CCP’s plan to continue attack Taiwan
  1. Cultural Revolution 2.0 has already begun, and the era of Xi Jinping is the beginning of Cultural Revolution 2.0
  1. Wang Qishan’s visit to South Korea is an immense torture for him.
  1. What should we do? Once the Taiwan Strait war happens or a conflict between China and the United States, Rule of Law Foundation donors, old chairs, and GCLUB members will have food and dignity.
  1. Next time, the New Federal State of China will use a powerful weapon. We will bring Hcoin, Tang Ping Coin, Hpay, and even gold bars and gold bricks to the frontline and provide rescue aids, even to Kyiv and Moscow
  1. Blinken may be tested positive for the CCP virus, or he may have been threatened. Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi dare to threaten US officials, as disobedience will cause personal disgrace. The result of making deals
  1. The standard of good people: honesty, kindness, courage, selflessness
  1. Next, the United States will deal with the CCP in two ways: 1. All Communist Party members, family members and enterprises will be affected by legislation, including assets seizure. 2. European legislation will be earlier than the United States. Studying abroad, communicating, exchange communication, any trade (food), and the way dealing with the Communist Party will be completely changed
  1. The outcome of the Russian-Ukrainian war is that Putin will lose power, Putin will be dead, or the Russian Federation will be abolished.

Edited and Proofread by:  James L

Posted by:   Linda Progress

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