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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida warned on Thursday (May 5) that the invasion of Ukraine could also happen in East Asia if the world’s major countries do not respond in unison. He stated that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait must be maintained.

After a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London, Kishida said it was time for the G7 leadership to cement its unity. “Cooperation between countries that share universal values ​​is becoming more and more important,” he said. “We must work with our allies and like-minded countries to not tolerate the attempt by using force unilaterally to change the status quo in the Indian Ocean, especially in East Asia.”

“Ukraine could be the tomorrow of East Asia.”

Taiwan, claimed by China as its territory, has raised its alert level since Russia invaded Ukraine, wary that Beijing could take similar action on the island, even though there are no imminent signs of risk reported. “Peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are vital not only to Japan’s security but also to the stability of the international community,” he said. “Japan stands by its position and expects a peaceful resolution of the Taiwan issues through dialogue. Japan will carefully observe the situation from this perspective.”

Kishida said the G7 must show that Russia’s violence in Ukraine has consequences, adding that about 140 people will be put on Russia’s assets freeze list, and the export ban will be extended to Russian military companies.

Kishida, who arrived in London after a multi-country visit to Southeast Asia, had hoped further emphasize his response to Russian aggression (sanctions) after Singapore (the only country in Southeast Asia) imposed sanctions on Russia.

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