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On May 3, Miles Guo revealed in a live broadcast the relationship between the CCP and the Freemasonry and his own rejection of the Freemasonry.

Miles Guo explained that the global talents are neither justice nor evil in the sense of Masonic, and more so, Masonic only values the success of these talents. In order to control all the countries and people of the world, Freemason does not concentrate on the existing concept of division of the state, but instead separates humanity from groups and thereby controls the world’s resources, politics, military, economy, and culture.

As for the Chinese Communist Party, Miles Guo pointed out that in order to ensure the survival of several families of the Chinese Communist Party, Wang Qishan, Zhou Xiaochuan, and Guo Shuqing are all members of the Masonic Society, and that some senior officials in Guangdong and Shanghai are appointed through Masonic arrangements.

Miles Guo recalled that the Masonic had earlier invited him, but he chose to reject it in order to extinguish it — although there was a huge risk, it also brought him the respect of the Freemasonry members.

At present, due to the significant impact of the NFSC frontline rescue mission in Ukraine, organizations such as Masonic Societies have turned to focus on the NFSC’s TakingDownThe CCP  Action. For this reason, Miles Guo said that these organizations only focus on interests, they feel that the total elimination of the CCP is possible, so they choose to help the NFSC.

Posted by: Xueli