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On May 3, according to sources inside China, the Ministry of Justice of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) recently issued a regulation to further limit Chinese people’s immigration channels. It is known that the new regulations require all regions in China to tighten the notarization procedures for overseas investment immigration no later than May, 7. At the same time, the CCP ordered local governments to strengthen investigations into the identity of the immigrant applicants, as well as purposes and natures of their business relationships, through the investigation of so-called “illegal fundraising”. It’s also said that the relevant agencies may, on the grounds of suspicion, report the applicant’s information to the local judicial administration or public security bureau, and terminate the applicant’s notary process.

In response, some people said that the Chinese government’s move has been disguised as a way to cancel investment immigration. Other people reported that some Chinese domestic students admitted that the processing of overseas visas in the recent overseas study is also close to stagnation. People in the wall have realized that the Chinese Communist Party is retrograding to the model of closing the country.

Miles Guo has warned in a recent broadcast that the Chinese government may collapse at any time, but in order to maintain its evil rule and Xi’s ambition to restore feudal dynasties, the CCP will definitely tighten the immigration window to prevent capital escape and implement measures to close the country, with which it will be an endless humanitarian disaster.

Posted by: Xueli