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On May 2, local time, according to relevant media reports, under the witness of the Director of the Crisis Management Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia, Vladimír Šimoňák, Taiwan’s representative to Slovakia, Li Nanyang, and Ukrainian-Slovak Initiative(USI) chairman Ľudmila Verbická, signed a new agreement on Ukraine. The agreement clearly states that Taiwan will contribute $150,000 to Slovakia for the establishment of a local Ukrainian kindergarten and to assist Ukrainian refugees in integrating into local Slovak society. In addition, the Taiwanese government will provide $60,000 to transfer to the city of Odesa, Ukraine through USI. In response, Vladimír Šimoňák, mentioned that Slovakia, with a population of just 5.4 million, has so far hosted nearly 400,000 Ukrainian refugees, which is a huge burden for the country. In this regard, Šimoňák expresses its sincere appreciation for Taiwan’s numerous contributions to Slovakia and for its assistance in the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees. In addition, Taiwan representative Li Nanyang also pointed out at the donation ceremony that the Taiwanese people have long suffered the threat of the CCP and they share the current situation of the Ukrainian people. Taiwan is therefore willing to stand with democracies and continue to support Ukraine with practical action.

Posted by: Xueli