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Translated by: MOS Education Team – Master LL

Brownstone Institute published an article on May 3 that, according to the FDA’s briefing document on the Pfizer vaccine, the Institute believes that Pfizer’s widely touted vaccine efficacy rate of 95% is unfounded and has a high potential for falsification.

Image Source: brownstone

The article pointed out that the PCR test method used by Pfizer in its trials can lead to strong bias and loss of data integrity, and the false positive rate can be as high as 97%. It also resulted in a high rate of false positives in participants who had the placebo.

In addition, the institute concluded after analysis of the briefing document on the Pfizer vaccine that 95% of its vaccine efficacy obtained in its “central laboratory” may have been the result of manipulation. However, the FDA knew about the fake data a year and a half ago.


Edited/ Proofread by: Lish
Posted by: Peter Chen

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