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According to the Mainichi Shimbun, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida held a press conference in London on May 5 (Japan time) at the end of a series of foreign visits and announced a plan. According to him, a series of measures in public places would be revised in June concerning the CCP virus (COVD-19). There would be a relaxation of international immigration control policies, total opening of domestic facilities, and the holding of various significant events. He further expressed his hope that the people will return to their previous normal.

For the CCP virus that is prevalent globally, the Swedish government, which has the highest level of medical care globally, issued an official announcement for the first time that the “epidemic is over.” Immediately, the United Kingdom and Denmark fully opened, while Germany and the Netherlands fully opened their facilities under certain conditions.

However, the CCP, a one-party monopoly that shows off its political characteristics with a “social basis,” does not refer to the method of advanced medical care but implements the city closure policy under repeated unfounded and absurd executive orders. Furthermore, depriving people of their liberties and human rights, ignoring innocent deaths, and taking a careless attitude toward human life have made people suspect it is for some political motive.

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