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Translated by MOS Education team – Naughty(Wenxing)

Miles Guo and Hong Kong “Deep State”

In a special episode of the Fei Fei Show on May 3, Mr. Miles Guo showed many old photos and told his comrades about the experiences involved in these old photos.

What is remarkable is that Mr. Guo did not save these photos. They all came to Mr. Guo after several passes. Because of the WhistleBlower movement started by Mr. Guo has made the Chinese Communist Party extremely nervous. Therefore, they have tried various means to cover up all traces of Mr. Guo’s presence in China.

Mr. Guo talked about how the CCP confiscated all his photos from 81-91. Because he participated in 8964, Mr. Guo was imprisoned in Qingfeng Detention Center at that time. Being the most important political prisoner to the CCP, he was deprived of everything. Not a single photo was left. From 1991 to 2000, because of the Zhihua Liu case, all of Mr. Guo’s assets were once again confiscated by the CCP’s task force. The CCP classified Mr. Guo and his family’s photos as top state secrets and strictly forbade them from being circulated. One fellow fighter had some photos of Mr. Guo at home in China, and the CCP police went to his home and confiscated all the photos, even the one that his mother had hidden on her body did not survive. In 2017, several Hong Kong businessmen who had dealings with Mr. Guo were arrested by the CCP as soon as they entered China. The CCP blackmailed their families with assets for Mr. Guo’s photos to be sent over immediately and forced the Hong Kong businessman to promise not to leave any photos behind. The photo we see today of Mr. Guo in Master Li Zu Yuan’s home was provided by a Taiwanese friend who was detained for two days by Communist Chinese customs.

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