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Miles Guo noted in the live broadcast on May 2 that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Whistleblower Movement (WM) have entered a critical phase where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s might collapse at any minute. The CCP is doomed and trying to put up a desperate fight.

Regarding the reasons, Miles Guo believes the health condition of Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, weighs significantly in the NFSC’s “Take Down the CCP” campaign. As Putin’s health has deteriorated drastically, he is going to undergo cancer surgery. A coup is much more likely to be launched by some other power in Russia to overthrow his leadership, which will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the evil alliance between Communist China and Russia and gives the CCP a fatal blow!

Next, Miles talked about the three key factors that will lead to the collapse of the CCP: the food crisis, natural disasters, and economic collapse, Miles mentioned this year’s climate predictions, celestial phenomena,and people’s sentiments. All these signs show that the CCP is coming to an end!

All overseas assets belonging to the CCP’s dignitaries will be seized due to the economic sanctions that the United States and Western states will impose at any time. The upcoming surprise visit by US House Speaker, Pelosi, to Taiwan will cause a precipitous depreciation in RMB and triggered a financial collapse. Prior to the fall of the CCP, Miles Guo advised folks in China to protect themselves against the imminent huge humanitarian disaster!

In addition, the recent AXIS Act in the US congress indeed has a profound significance. Mile stressed that without the contribution by the WM, the AXIS Act would not be drafted. The WM clearly informs the West that the CCP cannot represent all Chinese.

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