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Translated by MOS Education team — Naughty(WenXing)

During the Grand Live Broadcast on May 3, Mr. Miles Guo talked about his history with PAG.

Back then, Mr. Guo was able to get out of Qingfeng Detention Center because he received help from an international organization (Freemasonry). After Mr. Guo came out, he politely declined their invitation, despite the organization’s promise to help him achieve his goal of eliminating the Chinese Communist Party. This was almost unthinkable at the time, as refusing to work with the other side would have been extremely risky, but Mr. Guo earned their respect by refusing to join. After that, Mr. Guo started the Pangu project but struggled with the lack of funds, and the organization generously introduced PAG to Mr. Guo. At that time, all the PAG members were Jews, except for one Chinese, Weijian Shan. With a keen sense of politics, Mr. Guo immediately realized that Weijian Shan was a spokesman for the collusion between American forces and the Chinese Communist Party. Shan’s development in the West and all his contacts with Jewish funds were deliberately arranged by the CCP.

PAG lent Mr. Guo 100 million dollars for the Pangu project, 30 million of which was guaranteed by Mr. Guo personally. In 2009, Pangu paid off the money in full, and the so-called guarantee ceased to exist. In 2017, the CCP instructed Weijian Shan to create fake evidence and use PAG’s loan to Pangu to smear Mr. Guo to suppress Mr. Guo’s overseas whistleblowing and damage Mr. Guo’s reputation in Western society. It was unrestricted legal warfare to cover up the CCP’s infiltration of Western society.

It is worth pointing out that the Jews in the PAG were not involved with the Chinese Communist Party in this.

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