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In an effort to reduce the movement of people, Beijing has expanded the closure of subway stations, with 64 stations so far blocked and out of service, most of them in Chaoyang district, where the outbreak is most severe, Deutsche Welle reported on May 5.

According to CCTV, the official CCP media, Beijing announced at the May 4 epidemic prevention and control conference that, following the closure of Dawang Road Station and Global Resort Station, since May 4, “62 additional station entrances and exits of 14 lines will be closed” to stop access to the stations, and interchange stations will be available for in-station transfers. Temporarily closed subway stations contain Sihui, Shuangjing, Shilihe, Jiulongshan Station, etc.

Image from Deutsche Welle

In addition to some subway closures, as many as 158 bus routes in Beijing have been temporarily adjusted, and since May 5, online taxi platforms have been asked to reduce orders to control areas, restricted areas, temporary control areas, precautionary areas and some areas in Chaoyang District.

At the same time, Chaoyang District announced that since May 5 home office, “those who do have to be on duty, try to take a self-drive to reduce the gathering.”

As officials tighten control over traffic and going out, there is speculation that Beijing will “hit the pause button” like Shanghai and escalate into a city lockdown.

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