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Translated by: MOS English Team – Summerfire

During the live broadcast on May 8th, the Mother’s Day, Miles Guo announced an exciting news to all mothers and the world that the CCP Virus vaccine antidote developed by the scientists of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) was on the horizon to cure patients receiving no more than 4 shots of the CCP virus vaccines.

Miles said that this benefited from his contacts accumulated over years and greatly blessed by God. The NFSC’s scientists used artemisinin and other active ingredients to develop an antidote, which helped a lot in terms of CCP virus vaccine detoxification. In the meantime, the scientists made it clear to Miles that this formula was almost 99.9% effective for people who have received no more than 4 shots of the CCP virus vaccines.

Miles explained that the vaccine antidote, mainly composed of artemisinin, did not contain any prescription drug ingredients. It takes about one course of treatment, which is once every 3 days for 15 days, to completely remove the toxins brought into the body by the CCP virus vaccines.

The scientist also asked Miles to tell everyone in the live broadcast that the vaccine disaster was much worse than all of us could ever imagine. Even if the vaccinated neither suffered from cancer nor died, their EQ, IQ, life expectancy and health would be seriously affected. In light of the destructive consequences, the vaccinated must take artemisinin and ivermectin for the treatment before a new antidote can be released.

Miles finally said that the NFSC had disclosed many cases to the public, in which there were deaths caused by the CCP virus vaccines everywhere and the rates of young cancer patients and sudden deaths reached an astonishing height. Once the vaccine antidote was released, the NFSC would make it public to the world.


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