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Translated by: MOS Translation team – Beyond X

During Miles Grand live of May 1, Mr. Miles Guo shares with fellow fighters of his recent feelings.

Mr. Miles Guo said, firstly, he never feels so strongly as now that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime has incurred so much unprecedented indignation from the world. There are tens of millions of extremists in Communist China, with 30% to 40% of little pink (young extreme nationalists). The situation in Communist China is extremely harsh. Celebrities choose to be coward in order to survive. The CCP has kidnapped all the innocent Chinese for its ambition to destroy world civilization. Every Chinese will pay the price. No one is spared.

chained women in communist china
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Secondly, he never feels so strongly as now that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) has attracted extensive attention from the world, politically, economically and culturally. The NFSC’s Notion of taking down the CCP is being accepted all over the world.

Thirdly, he never feels so strongly as now that the Whistleblower Movement and NFSC has been reaching into people’s hearts in United States. Mr. Miles Guo gave two examples. When he was attending a meeting, he was received very specially. One time when he was attending a meeting, the person sitting next to him turned out to be a fellow fighter.

Fourthly, he never feels so strongly as now that many CCP insiders from various walk of life are awakening and lots of them are joining the Whistleblower Movement. They provided to him information and evidence of the CCP’s crimes. The information they provided is at a much higher level.   

Fifthly, he never feels so strongly as now that that G-series and Hcoin could bring such a great shock and hope to the world’s economic and financial circle. Previously he thought that G-series and Hcoin could be admired by people inside Communist China. However, he has never expected that G-series and Hcoin could attract so much world attention. Mr. Miles Guo’s huge influence in international strategy allows important information to reach him in the way that power and money cannot achieve.

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