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Greetings, my noble fellow fighters. It is May 4th today. 

[Joking] Look, I poured a lot of water on myself again. Time flies fast, and today is the day to mark the May 4th Movement. It is already May 4th.

Yesterday’s live broadcast was really shocking — the “Fay Fay Show”. Brother Da Gen is so cute; he is adorable. If we use 1 to 100 to evaluate how pure a person is, he can score 1000. He is so cute!

Yesterday’s show got much praise, but I also received many comments from fellow fighters. Indeed, different comments and suggestions. No live broadcast is perfect and can satisfy everyone. Especially some fellow fighters in Anhui province, Fujian, and Shanghai… They sent me very long messages.

Regarding the problems the fellow fighters mentioned, actually it was because Fei Fei and Da Gen allocated much time to me and let me do the talking. In general, they wouldn’t talk, so they asked very few questions.

There was quite a lot of information in yesterday’s show, so… Though the show might fail to meet everybody’s expectations, I think all your suggestions are good; for example, some fellow fighters listed 1, 2, 3…6 pieces of advice to me. 

For example, in most of Brother-7’s photos [shown in the live broadcast], I cut out the people who took the pictures together with me. But why did one picture taken in front of Yuda Palace Hotel Zhengzhou where I kept all the people, including one of the vice presidents of my company, Master Chu-yuan Lee (a famous Taiwanese architect) and his girlfriend, a person named John, and others… 

Why did I keep these people in this photo, as well as Mr. He lingle (Brother-7’s mentor, who once served as the main head of the Chinese Ministry of Electronics Industry)? Why did I show you this picture?

Our fellow fighters are indeed sharp-eyed. Yes, I chose to show this photo with a purpose. I originally planned to tell you yesterday. I would like to talk about it one by one. This picture is a snapshot of my life over the past years. It reflects the relationship between people, people and money, how money affects the relationship among people, the relationship between different interests, and in addition, the relationship between bravery, cowardice, religion, and faith.

Meanwhile, it reflects people’s minds, their hearts! Moreover, it tells how the evil CCP has brainwashed several generations of Chinese and the severe consequences of it. That picture contains so many of such messages.

Yesterday, both Fei Fei and Da Gen did not ask about it, the idea just flashed by and I forgot to elaborate [on all the stories behind this photo]. But I believe there will be many opportunities to share in the future. 

In addition, some of our fellow fighters asked me, “Brother-7, why did you go to Thailand? Why did you go to Indonesia? And why did you go shooting in Indonesia?”

Our fellow fighters are very capable. And a fellow fighter studied the photos and found a picture with a taken date of 1993, but it was actually taken in 1992. What was that about? What happened in the year 1992? All these things, I will tell you later when I have time. I promise. 

Yesterday we had only limited time, and two or three hours quickly passed while we were doing the live broadcast. We will have another live broadcast tomorrow morning, directed by our general director Xiao Fu Li, and I will share more with you, our fellow fighters.

Tomorrow I will mainly talk about the economic situation in China and how the Russia-Ukraine war affects our living, and how the economy affects everybody’s living. Tomorrow we will talk about these two things. We will focus on these two issues because many fellow fighters want Brother-7 to talk about this.

Especially regarding the Himalaya Coin (HCN) and the investments in our G-Series… What do they have to do with your future? What does Brother-7 have in mind, and what is brother-7’s opinion? Tomorrow we will talk about these things. 

One more thing I want to tell you is that in both the US and in China, the numbers of infections have been increasing rapidly over these two days. 

I want to tell our brothers and sisters and all our fellow fighters in China, as well as many friends in China and overseas: around me, just yesterday and the day before, several important lawyers got infected, and their family members too.

I want to tell you that the infection isn’t caused by the virus. It’s the vaccine, the infection is caused by the shedding of spike protein. This may even result in stroke in the face [Bell’s palsy], partial stroke in the body, or even brain infarction.

As to the people who are so-called tested positive, look at what the CCP is doing to them in Zhengzhou — It is so miserable! Many of our fellow fighters and my old colleagues there in Zhengzhou said, “Brother-7, it’s very bad; Zhengzhou has become so miserable!” 

But this is how fate is. Had the CCP not taken the Yuda Palace Hotel Zhengzhou away [from Brother-7], how much money would it have cost just to pay wages [to the employees], right? Yuda Palace Hotel Zhengzhou has never earned any profit since it opened. 

Sometimes when you rob someone… You think you have robbed something valuable like money or a diamond —Think again! It may be your habitual thinking. Sometimes what a robber steals is only a grenade in his hand, or he may encounter someone with a gun and be killed in one shot.

Yuda Palace Hotel Zhengzhou is like a “bomb.” Although the CCP took it, I heard the CCP had no way to operate it like before, just couldn’t run it. Therefore, the hotel has fallen into a situation like that. Right?

The disaster hasn’t yet started, brothers and sisters. And the situation will become much worse when the disaster really begins.

It is so annoying, this running nose… 

So, the real disaster hasn’t yet started. What is happening in Henan Province, Zhengzhou, and the Yuda Palace Hotel… everything will drive Henan Province into a more miserable situation. Henan is a province that heavily relies on the agriculture industry, so if people in Henan are restricted from moving, they will have no way to survive and many of them will die. 

Besides, Henan Province has such a vulnerable economy, with a population of nearly 100 million; what can they do for a living? If the lockdown policy is implemented in the counties, townships, and second-leveled cities in Henan, this “Zero-Covid” policy… it will become a total disaster.

Therefore, the year 2022 is when the Chinese people’s nightmare begins. 

Now the US and Europe have introduced a series of policies, pointing the sword straight at the CCP — Sanctioning CCP’s technology, scientific technology, products, studying abroad… let alone the sanction on the economy, which is 100% sure will happen. 

Qin Gang (who is currently serving as the Chinese Ambassador to the US) has now transformed into a “Sheep Warrior” [from the previous Wolf warrior diplomacy], bending on his knees and begging everywhere.

Some Americans say that this “Wolf Warrior” who used to pretend to be the “Sheep Warrior” in disguise is seemingly becoming a genuine “Sheep” now. He puts on his sheepskin again, and everywhere he goes, he begs the US, 

“What we seek is the friendship between people of the two countries, and we should put our mutual benefits first.”

“Perhaps the tariffs on trade may be canceled.” But what’s the consequence of waiving tariffs?  To continue enslaving Chinese people.

In the future, CCP’s overseas properties will all be seized and confiscated without any exception; all CCP-related stocks listed on Nasdaq will become too horrible to look at.  

Yesterday there was news about the “Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba Group) incident,” concerning a person who has the surname Ma [who was arrested, and many Chinese suspected that this individual was Jack Ma] — This is just a psychology test from the CCP. This person was not Jack Ma at all. Jack Ma had already been arrested and lost personal freedom long ago. 

The CCP just wants to probe how ordinary people will react to it, just like when it implements the lockdown policy. First, the CCP implements partial city lockdown and conducts nucleic acid tests on the street. Gradually, it expanded the lockdown to the whole city. Finally, the entire city of Shanghai was fully locked down and being “cleaned up” [with the “Zero-Covid” policy]. 

It’s the CCP’s conspiracy. Remember, it’s just a test to probe people’s psychological endurance. When the test [news about the arrest of someone surnamed Ma] is done, you will read the real news that Jack Ma or Pony Ma (Ma Huateng, founder of Tencent) got arrested. 

The person who got caught was just a punk, a very low-level one. He used to contact the Whistleblower Movement frequently and bragged many times that he could contribute in this way or that way.

But this person is unreliable, full of lies, he just wants money. He is in the same gang of the Big-headed Asshole Lu De (Wang Dinggang) and Snaky Demon Yan Li-Meng. They are a group of bastards. So he deserves it.

But next, people like Ma Huateng will indeed be arrested. Otherwise, why did the CCTV (China Central Television) report about the arrest of such a low status person? Isn’t it just a psychological game the CCP plays? 

And our fellow fighters still do not believe it? 

I’m sorry for… my nose is running a lot. This pollen… I’m in New York today, close to Central Park, and the pollen …

So brothers and sisters, you can see the whole situation in the CCP China now, especially from the mind games it plays with Lao-Bai-Xing (ordinary people), this kind of psychological game played through CCTV — Can this country still be saved or have any future?

Just in the past several days, from what I knew alone, a vast amount of money had been transferred out of China. How many rich people transfer their money out of China? Especially the rich in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Southern China, or the city of Wuxi…? People in these areas are smarter than those in Northern China; They just act faster. 

So what do you still have, CCP? Your economy has been ruined; A massive amount of money has left; Talented people have left. Can you imagine how bad the brain drain situation is?

Though many European countries are already on the opposite side against Russia and CCP, they still do everything possible to attract talents from China with the best policy.  This is the real strength of a nation and the greatness of these countries. They never revolve around any individual’s political gain; they center their policies on the middle-to-long term national benefits.

The CCP is essentially different. The CCP’s system is devised for the few families [that hold power], everything is for the offspring and illegitimate children of those old bastards. But other countries’ systems are long-term plans for the whole country and nation. That’s their fundamental distinction with the CCP.

You are finished, CCP! Don’t you believe it? Let’s wait and see.

Kiss you all. See you in tomorrow’s live broadcast, brothers and sisters.