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Translated by: Himalaya Washington DC – Latin

On April 28th, Japanese media reported that voices emerged in Communist China to question whether the epidemic’s spread was due to Shanghai’s large-scale nucleic acid test.

Through online interviews and field information collected by frontline reporters, the Japanese media presented the current situation at Shanghai’s centralized quarantine sites, as well as the lack of social distance in elevators and lobbies as people in communities gathered to undergo intensive nucleic acid testing. As a result, many residents have begun to wonder whether the intensive nucleic acid testing policy conducted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the primary cause of the uncontrollable epidemic in Shanghai.

Analysts noted that since the CCP has not reported any cluster infections caused by nucleic acid testing, it does not follow the principle of virus transmission since the number of infected cases rises when everyone stays at home. The public is still unaware that the real cause of the disaster is the CCP and the toxic vaccine.


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