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0:00 Witnesses, we’ll start with Miss Combs. Previous witnesses told us that the global distribution of vaccine is subject to indemnification clauses that countries have to sign on to, meaning that if something goes wrong, your companies are shielded from liability that people cannot sue if they experience or perceive they have experienced vaccine injuries. Instead, any compensation would be paid out by a no fault mechanism funded by COVAX to which industry does not contribute? This witness further told us that you had asked for this protection as part of your agreements. So could you please explain why your company asked for indemnification clauses, why public bodies should assume those liabilities and whether these indemnification clauses would apply in cases where information had been withheld by your company with respect to risks?
0:56 So I’m not privileged as to specifically the indemnification clause in the contract that you speak of. What I can say is that AstraZeneca stands behind our medicines and the safety profile of our medicines. And so…
1:10 Ma’am, I’m sorry to jump in. But you’re the Canadian president of the company here and you’re telling me you’re not aware of the details of the indemnification clauses. We’re told that you asked for them. So why did you ask for them?
1:21 So I asked for the indemnification clause on the Vax, every contract with Canada, just so I’m clear.
1:31 We were told by a previous witness, who’s affiliated with Gavi, that industry representatives asked for indemnification clauses as part of contracts with the global distribution of vaccines. Why?
1:46 I think that indemnification clauses, in all of my time in the pharmaceutical industry, is standard part of contracting. The specific details in which you talk about, I just am not acknowledged with. (翻译校对注:应为:I don’t have the knowledge to answer it.)
1:59 But I wonder if Mr. Paquette can come in on that.

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