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Translated by: Himalaya Washington DC – boylatin1L

CCP media reported on May 1st, that Shanghai is vigorously investigating and punishing corruption in the distribution of epidemic prevention materials during the quarantine period.

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) reckoning in Shanghai has also begun as the number of people infected with the CCP virus has dwindled.

Several small videos circulated on social media show that during the quarantine in Shanghai, the anti-epidemic spree distributed to the people was embezzled by party and government officials, including neighborhood committees and epidemic prevention personnel.  They would rather rot fresh vegetables than distribute them to the people.

In addition, the neighborhood committee does not allow reasonably and compliantly purchased materials to enter the community, and there are even impostors for freeloading.  They do not allow these small videos to circulate during the lockdown period but authorize them to release them now, indicating the CCP is preparing public opinion for the score-settling.

After a life worse than death, when the city is on lockdown, the people need an outlet for their feelings.  The communist state will divert public venting to corrupt epidemic prevention officials.

Image Source: rfa

The CCP uses anti-corruption, provokes people to fight each other, carries out a political purge, and continues to make the people grateful to the party.

Miles Guo mentions in the live broadcast that when the quarantine in Shanghai is over, bringing officials to account will follow.  However, judging from the current actions in Shanghai, the activities of the CCP fully corroborate Mr. Guo’s revelations.  Therefore, I hope that innocent people can wake up soon and stop being blinded by the Chinese Communist Party.


Edited and Proofread by: Linda Progress
Posted by: Peter Chen

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