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Translated by: MOS Information Team – Johnlee


In the Grand Live broadcast on May 1, Miles Guo revealed that the CCP restricts people from withdrawing cash from banks to cover up the fact that deposits have been transferred by the CCP high-level families. Additionally, the CCP utilizes CCP virus vaccines and massive lockdowns to optimize the population structure. The AXIS Act passed under the impetus of the Whistleblower Movement is a treasured act to save the Chinese people and the people of the world.

Miles Guo Grand Live on 05/01/2022

The reason why the CCP restricts cash withdrawal and currency exchange is to maintain the exchange rate of the RMB to the USD between 6:1 and 7:1, but the actual exchange rate has reached between 60:1 and 70:1. To cover up the banking and financial scams created by the CCP kleptocrats’ families, the CCP keeps printing fiat currency while restricting people’s freedom under the pretext of zero-Covid. Russia, which launched the war of aggression, is no different from the CCP. Its oil and gas industries, which account for 60-70% of Russia’s GDP, have been carved up by Putin and other oligarchs and warlords. The Russian people’s money was stolen in the same way that Putin had to divert the social and economic crisis by invading Ukraine. In addition to war, the world will face a medically insurmountable catastrophe caused by CCP virus vaccines (a surge in cancer and deaths) and an economic collapse with broken supply chains.

The CCP’s centralized control has reached the pinnacle of human history. By falsification of history, information blockade and propaganda, the CCP has rendered people incapable of thinking and completed the domestication of 1.4 billion slaves.  When the age dividend of slave labor is exhausted, the CCP uses CCP virus vaccines, planned military lockdowns, and political campaigns to kill off the elderly and disabled, optimizing the demographics. The purpose of rapid population turnover is to keep slaves young and obedient.

Furthermore, travel, study abroad and work are all restricted, and only centralized labor, provision, and accommodation are available under the unified leadership of the CCP, which marks the transition to an animal-slave society in Communist China. Xi Jinping, once the darling of the Davos, boasting of his mastery of the world economy, has finally shown his evil nature by offering a receipt for enslavement.

Driven by the Whistleblower Movement, the AXIS Act was passed by the US Congress in time and becomes a source of hope for the Chinese people. The West has finally realized that the Axialism advocated by the CCP is actually a strategic aggression toward the West. The AXIS Act is the democratic world’s method of fighting against the CCP, but also a treasured silver bullet to save the Chinese people and the people of the world.

This act will become the core of the legislation of countries under the rule of law in the world and together they will completely eliminate Communism (devilism) in the world.

On April 27, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Assessing Xi’s Interference and Subversion Act”, which is abbreviated in English as the AXIS Act.

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