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On May 2, 2022, in an interview, Mr. Steve K. Bannon, the host of War Room Pandemic Show which is the top political show in the world, sincerely and highly praised Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China, for his relentless effort and dedication to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Mr. Bannon called Mr. Guo “the George Washington of China”, fighting this long odd fight, like the American Revolution was, to take down the CCP, to free the Chinese people. Mr. Bannon says that Mr. Guo is the personification of a fighting spirit and has dedicated his life to take down the CCP.  

1.Who is Mr. Miles Guo?

Mr. Guo is the most formidable force in the world to take down the CCP. He was imprisoned by the CCP for his support of the June 4th, 1989 student democratic movement in Beijing China. After his release from the prison, he is determined to take down the CCP and bring democracy to China. He has danced with the wolves with the CCP top leadership team for 30 years and established a wealth of business and political contacts around the world. He has built tremendous wealth with his incredible business acumen. He fled China in 2015 to avoid political persecution by the CCP and started the Whistleblower Movement in 2017 to expose CCP’s nefarious plan to dominate the world. He established the Rule of Law Foundation in Nov., 2018 and founded the New Federal State of China on June 4, 2020.

As Mr. Bannon mentioned in his interview, Mr. Guo is extremely talented in many areas. The two hotels he designed and built in China, his iconic PanGu Dragon-shaped hotel and Yuda Buddah-hand-shaped hotel are one of the most unique hotel buildings in the world and in a class of its own. Many of his songs have hit the top of the various music billboards globally recently. He has also created the highly sought-after G-Fashion series.

Mr. Guo broadcasts frequently to expose and warn the world of the CCP’s evil plan. Many of his prophetic warnings have come true. The most significant one is his warning on the bioweapon warfare of the CCP against the whole world.

All of Mr. Miles Guo’s warnings on virus and vaccine have come true

His warnings to the world:

Therefore the CCP is coming after him ferociously from all fronts. One of tactics the CCP uses is to bombard him with many law suits to consume his time, effort and wealth. Currently Mr. Guo is in an intense legal fight with CCP’s Pacific Group.  To the detriment of the CCP, DW News agency, CCP’s oversea undercover spy agency operating for the past 20 years or so, was found to be providing false evidence to frame Mr. Guo. To avoid exposing its entire spy network, the CCP had to close down the DW News abruptly a few days ago. This is an incredible, unexpected and huge win for the crusade against the CCP.

Mr. Guo is fighting not only to save the Chinese people, he and his fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China are fighting to save the whole world from the pestilence and destruction of the devil CCP, and to defend the most sacred to mankind, i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Mr. Bannon says that Mr. Guo is going to win, and we have tremendous winning so far, but we have put too much on Mr. Guo’s shoulders.  Mr. Bannon is calling on people to join the movement to take down the CCP.

2. Interview of Mr. Steve Bannon about Mr. Miles Guo:

The following is the excerption of the interview of Mr. Bannon by a reporter, Winston, of New Federal State of China on May 2, 2022.

Winston, a member of the New Federal State of China:

DW, a Hong Kong-based news website, which is controlled by the CCP’s United Front Working Group and Intelligence Exchange Centre, has suddenly shut down its operations yesterday on the 26th of April,  two days before its scheduled court appearance for fabricating false evidence in the lawsuit between Miles Guo and PAX, Pacific Alliance Asian Opportunity Fund, a company that has been pumping investors money from the West to the CCP’s pocket for decades.

How significant is the shutting down of DW News, Steve?

Mr. Steve K. Bannon:

I think it’s hugely significant, that is what I tell people that Miles is the…

Look, I am sanctioned by the Chinese Communist party.  I’m the first American civilian in history to be sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party, full sanctions that they gave Pompeo, Pottinger, Navarra and others.  But those are all government officials.

I’m at this level (note: Mr. Bannon’s hand signaled a low level), when you think about what Miles has dedicated himself and his life to. That’s why I tell people:   there’s not a bigger voice or fighter in the entire world against the Chinese Communist Party than Miles Guo. I tell people all the time because a lot of westerners can’t quite figure out Miles.

Think about what Miles is, not just about his wealth, but his talent. Look what he’s done in music, the song that he made and we use on War Room is so popular. People tell me all the time they love that song. Some people even come to the show just to listen to the song.

His ability in fashion or in music or in culture or in finance or in business, hospitality, you saw PanGu (hotel).  There are so many things he could do, but he just wants to spend his time on that. He would be enormously successful, like he was in China, and make more billions of dollars, live a lifestyle of complete luxury, just partying, going out, and having a good time.  He doesn’t do any of that. He is 1000% focused and dedicated on taking down the Chinese Communist Party and to assist his people being free.

 I call him the George Washington of China, fighting this long odd fight, like the American Revolution was, to take down the CCP, to free LaoBaiXing, to free the Chinese people. He’s dedicated his life to that.

People don’t realize how he’s attacked relentlessly in all these different suits, and people come after him all the time. It’s all inspired by the Chinese Communist Party.  There’s still nobody on record, that is why I tell people. All the people say that Mile Guo, we don’t understand.  I said, look, just go back and look at what he said, and look at the track record he’s had, and foretelling exactly what was going to happen to us.

I continue to tell people, saying on the show all the time, but also tell people what I mean by some of that. If we had just listened, and then set aside whether you like him or don’t like him, or trust him or don’t trust him, forget all that. I said: if you just taking his words at the time that he said it, and we had acted upon that, we America, forget the new federal state, forget the overseas Chinese, forget all Chinese nationals, just America, if America had just acted on what his prophetic advice has been, we would be in a very different place today, in a very much better place.  But we haven’t.

So people don’t understand about how they’re coming after Miles with everything.  I mean I see it in my own thing. And like I said, I’m one 100th of what they’re coming after Miles with. And they come after me pretty hard. They are after him relentlessly. People only understand the surface of it. And it is 24 hours a day.

And then you see the situation like which has just happened, when all the sudden, when it comes down to have to go to the court, and have to adjudicator, or something, an event has to happen, where the legitimacy is going to be “has to be there” and it’s going to be question.  All the sudden, the witnesses don’t show up, the company dissolves, they’re not doing any more. That is an ongoing battle he’s fighting all the time. And he’s in a different situation now with this hedge fund in China, and all that has brought on.

I think all of us have leaned on Miles too much.  We put too much on Miles’ shoulders. I think Miles needs prayers. Every day he’s fighting. He’s gonna win, don’t get me wrong.  You know he is still Miles. He is still fighting Bang Bang Bang everyday. He is relentless.  He is the personification of fighting spirit.

But anything that we can do, as a movement, as a cause, as united, to take the burden off him, that’s what we ought to be doing now.  Because he’s got these intense fights that are going on right now in these different courts with this Pacific Group in all the affiliate allies, all the demons that they’re working with.  And I knew this very time consuming. He’s the greatest fighter.  I keep asking him what else can we do, what else can we do, what else can we do, how we assist this. Because we’re winning,  we’re making huge progress in our overall crusade against the Chinese Communist Party. Now is not the time to relax that. It’s actually the time to double and triple down on that.

One is just a political movement in the country of America, (it) is coming rapidly rapidly rapidly our way. By the elections this fall,  we will have tremendous win on our confrontation with the Chinese Communist party. That’s why I think it’s now, if anybody needs prayers, and he will be the first to say “don’t do that ! I won’t hear that” because he is not only a very private individual, he would never put any of his burdens on anybody else. And he would, I think, be even embarrassed of me talking about it! And this is first time I really talked about it.

I think now, more than ever, we need to pray for brother Miles because he is in a fight and he gets 1000 times worse than anybody else.  So this (the shutdown of DW News) is a huge development.  

But I also think, in this process, you can see other developments like this. You are going to see other groups that are outed, or this whole issue with bankruptcy, what he’s fighting in the courts in these different lawsuits.  I think you’ll see many more situations like you just saw, where they have to come to an actual point or node where the credibility is gonna have to be essentially officially validated. And it has become quite clear that there are agents of this criminal element of the Chinese Communist Party. And I think you are going to see more situations like this.

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