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Today is April 29th, brothers and sisters.

There is no court hearing today because the hearing was canceled yesterday. The court hearing was canceled, so I have a lot of spare time today. But Brother-7 still has many things to deal with. The CCP knows that Brother-7 has been busy lately, and it is very nervous.

Yesterday, Brother-7 told you that the mayor of Tianjin, Liao Guoxun, was deliberately killed. Subsequently, rumors have circulated widely in China. Such as, it is said that Li Zhanshu (current Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress) was involved, Liao used to be an old subordinate of Li Zhanshu, and this Liao Guoxun… All bullshit!

Wait for Brother-7 to unravel the mystery to you. Liao was murdered. Brother-7 said so a few weeks ago. But why did I know a few weeks ago that he would be killed?

My face looks a little chubby, like a “pig-head.” Well, I’ve gained over one kilogram of weight. But I had a very sound sleep last night; it felt so good! And what a sunny day it is today!

…Wait for Brother-7 to reveal the true story to you.

Very early this morning, around 2:00 to 4:00, a series of events took place in China. Several senior CCP officials were arrested in Beijing— from the Ministry of Railways, General Administration of Customs, and especially the People’s Bank of China. Several gang followers of Wang Qishan (vice president of China) were arrested. Some others related to HNA Group, who are in Hainan, got arrested, too.

These arrests happened between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning in mainland China. Many people were taken into custody.

This is not a result of political infighting. Many people keep saying it’s a political struggle. This is a political movement, to be exact! Since the day the CCP was born, it has never stopped. It’s basic common sense, right?

— Two men just passed by holding giant shovels; I thought they were carrying two long guns. Wow. 

This is the first thing. 

Second, these days, have you seen where the economy is heading, brothers and sisters?

Two days ago, I was prepared to disclose something about the economy, a core secret of China. Guess what? Two of my cell phones were hacked and dead, even my WhatsApp account was locked.

But nothing in the world can stop Brother-7. The more they hack me, the more I know how scared CCP is. And that must also be the time when the Whistleblower Movement is the most valuable. 

Regarding the economic data, let me tell you what that is. And this is basic common sense.

The CCP just decided to implement a so-called economic stimulus program this year — to stimulate the economy’s internal circulation and expand infrastructure constructions again, with a budget of five trillion RMB this time.

It costs five trillion, said to be no more than six trillion, just between five trillion and six trillion. This program is even more than the four trillion stimulus package in 2008. It is not to stimulate you with Viagra, rather it is to poison you!  

But what’s behind this economy, brothers and sisters? Few can see through it, and you can only hear a bunch of fake economic experts, all are poor losers, talking nonsense and making up stories.

The core problem is that China’s whole financial system cannot sustain anymore — If someone has a million deposit, the bank wouldn’t even let him withdraw 10,000 now. That’s what the situation is!

Not only that, the government spending, including that of the provincial governments have run out of money. At the same time, there is a significant spending need for the military. Military expenditure, many programs have been set up and there are military personnel in place, but there is no money. 

This is not a problem that can be solved by just “printing money.” And the economy is finished! So CCP is doing everything it can to promote the so-called “internal circulation plan” to stimulate the economy. 

What Brother-7 will reveal is about the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing. Do you know what a big scandal it is? Hong Kong’s current debts and loans worldwide are very likely to explode — like a bomb. If the real estate industry explodes as well… Wouldn’t that be a total disaster?

“The houses collapse; the sky and the earth fall apart,” why do you still implement the lockdown policy? Lockdown — isn’t that just a measure to keep you at home when you are out of money?

So the first purpose is to let the Lao-Bai-Xing (ordinary people) bear the brunt of society’s stress before the economy collapses — maybe they’ll even be grateful for being alive by eating grass and won’t even remember that they have money in the bank.

The second purpose is to “wipe out” a group of elderly and disabled people through vaccination. Vaccination is the ultimate means of eliminating them, which can keep people’s mouths shut. That is more brutal than war! 

If you don’t believe it and you want to take the vaccine, it’s all up to you.

[🎵Singing] “…If you don’t believe, let us wait and see; you can disbelieve, but don’t be forced to take the nucleic acid test…” Right?

Of course, you can disbelieve us, but don’t be forced to take the nucleic acid test, for you’ll likely be [infected and] wiped out as you take the test more times.

If you dare to speak out, ask for your money back, or if you have the guts to go to the bank to make trouble, huh? You’ll be done away with if you dare to tell the truth. That’s how the Chinese Communist Party behaves now. 

So, brothers and sisters…I’ll say no more. Stay alive, my fellow fighters in China.

Please wait for the Chinese Communist Party to be eliminated, and there is only one truth — only by eliminating the CCP can Chinese people continue to survive and can they truly live well!

You don’t have any choice, do you understand, brothers and sisters? This is the core essence and core value of the Whistleblower Movement. 

In addition, our brothers and sisters should notice an even more core issue — besides the economy being ruined, what else is over, everybody?

That’s food! We’ve been talking about this for years. The food supply chain is completely broken. I don’t believe the Chinese will have enough food this year. And there’s no way to solve the problem. This year, CCP China has internally predicted heavy rainfall and massive flooding in the Yangtze and Yellow rivers areas when this year’s rainy season arrives. 

CCP, you could afford to purchase food in the past. But do you have money to buy food now? All the countries participating in the “Belt and Road Initiative Project” are asking you for money, CCP. You bragged about sponsoring this country or that country, promising all kinds of fundings… Now, if you don’t give them the money, they’ll ask you for it! Aren’t you finished?

Your food, banks, real estate market, and economy are all in trouble. Plus, you’re promoting the vaccine policy, threatening to invade Taiwan and bring Taiwan back on your map, implementing massive lockdowns, challenging “American imperialism,”…right? 

But people in the country you call “American imperialism” are living just fine, isn’t it? Look at the beautiful life here: the blue sky! White clouds! See?  People living the worst in this society have a better life than the best group in the CCP China. So, this is the essential difference, the absolute gap, brothers and sisters. 

I will not be able to join the live broadcast tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll be on the air to talk to you about some significant essential changes recently — about the Whistleblower Movement and five feelings that I’ve never had before.

Just now, some of my family members came out of the house; the glasses I was wearing might reflect their images, so I was in a rush to take them off. So… Was it easy for me? It was not easy; it was difficult.

Look at this house: here is the stable, with many horses. And look at the lawn. 

If you don’t trim your lawn here in America, you will be sued. All over America, all grounds need to be maintained, and if you don’t cut your lawn, you might be sued and fined — that’s the rule.

Look at the trees. This has always been my favorite type of tree since I was a child — the birch tree. See?

And look at our G-Fashion clothes. They are awesome! They are amazing! 

I’m going out to meet an old friend soon, and I will have two short meetings outside, which will cause CCP to tremble a little more. 

As to the various questions that many fellow fighters are concerned about, I will answer you on Sunday’s live broadcast. Brother-7 has felt that my heart has linked with everyone. This feeling is so good, excellent! 

One more thing, brothers and sisters. You should see that both the world’s economy and politics are revolving around the Russia-Ukraine war these days. This war in Ukraine is changing the world’s [rules of] game every day!

You don’t realize it, or probably none of you care about it. The Russia-Ukraine war is a war that truly integrates humanity’s technology, wisdom, religion, faith, and culture. And it shocks the world’s so-called military experts every day. 

All the knowledge we have formed in the past about the military and economy will be completely overturned in the next few years, because the original [views] are total bullshit. Most of those so-called experts and intellectuals are a bunch of liars and mental masturbators.

During the lockdown in Shanghai, those supposed experts and intellectuals… all of them are without any personality or morality. They cried louder than anyone else yet were more shameless and cowardly than any others.

This Russia-Ukraine war has thrown all those military experts into embarrassment; they are all a bunch of liars!

What is the real era? This is the age of data, relying on your strength, data, action, and… faith! Faith from heaven!

I’ll say no more. Kiss you all, and see you on Sunday, brothers and sisters.