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Translated by: MOS Education Team – WenMeng

On April 27th, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a legislative proposal aimed at helping Taiwan regain its observer status at the WHO. The House passed the bill unanimously by a vote of 425 to 0, and it has now been sent to the White House, where President Biden is expected to sign it into law. The United States hopes that under the premise of such pressure from the CCP on Taiwan, it can play a role in boosting Taiwan morale.

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It is reported that Taiwan was excluded from the WHO, the United Nations health agency and most global organizations because the CCP has consistently claimed Taiwan as its territory internationally instead of an independent country. Taiwan’s observer status in the WHO was stripped in 2017. Since the Russian-Ukrainian war, in view of the CCP’s coveted Taiwan, the United States has increased its support for Taiwan, such as increasing its participation in international organizations.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry thanked the U.S. for its support and said the government is working hard to participate in this year’s convention.

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